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Feb 9, 2009

paed & ortho osce download

hi everyone...

just a short entry before osce this week...

i know, it is a little bit late to share with u this informations.

these are past year  paed & ortho osce folder. so hope u can open it and take a look for last minute preparation, maybe it can help you to prioritize the importance ones.

paed osce folder 
[click here] for 4shared download
[click here] for open box download

ortho osce folder 
[click here] for 4shared download
[click here] for open box download -cubaan

password if use 4shared: mfkblog 

update terbaru:
1) if you use microsoft power point 2003 & can't open power point 2007,
download powerpoint 2007 viewer here : [click here]

these viewer will help you to open power point 2007. it really easy, just download it and you can open power point 2007. hope this will help you.

2) if u guys don't have compression software, u can choose to download from one of the softwrae provided for extract compression file which are winrar, winzip or 7zip. Most the people use winrar and his software already cracked and don't need any key registration. so, enjoy it.

4 shared version (password= mfkblog)
- winzip  [click here to download]
- 7zip       [click here to download]

box net version

wish all of you good luck in our osce... n me too

p/s: sorry bdk  triad & psychy x sempat nak buat bcoz aku bukan posting tue skrg..

-that alls-
- please leave some comments-
- terima kasih, shukran, thank you, xie xie & arigato gozaimasu-


mYshah said...

bgusnye~ triad ngan sakai xder ke?

fazrul mokhtar said...

thanks faiz. realllllyyyy appreciate ur effort. good job! =)

moga kita sama2 dipermudahkan olehNya.

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