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Dec 20, 2008

What? "Elective" Posting

Salam semua,

this entry specifically just for all UKM medical students
saya hari ni bukannya nak komen ape2 mengenai psl elective posting,
kita sudah sedia maklum mengenai perkara ini..
just want to share with all of you the information regarding elective posting:
hope u can have a look at this info esp list of venues for elective posting:
so all of you can decide where to go:
The aim of this elective posting is to give the student an opportunity to undertake, for a period of 2 weeks [international] or 4 weeks [local] either at the end of year 3 or year 4, any humanitarian project of their interest.
Learning outcomes
1.   Experience and discover broader aspects of human life beyond the classroom setting.
2.   Critically reflect on the experience in the form of a written report
The electives may be undertaken in any institution either governmental or non-governmental, locally or internationally.
You are provided with a list of institutions for you to choose and arrange your elective placement. If you find none of the institution listed match you interest you may discuss you choice with the Elective Coordinator or his assistant.
Please   DOWNLOAD    this document:
1 ) Guidelines of Elective Posting
2) List of venues for elective posting
3) Elective posting - Application Form

if you have any query or for further information you can visit this website:
-hope everything will going well-

-itu sahaja-
- Ada sebarang komen??-


mYshah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mfk said...

welcome shah..
ermm... kbykan or semua mmg x puas hati ngan elective nie...
tapi kena la praktis ppd itu sikit...
tapi hati & perangai org sape yg boleh jaga...
sendiri mau ingat la..

Anonymous said...

well,diorang msti tau la jage mulut diorang,prof nabishah td dh cam upset dh......

mYshah said...

ye tq for this faiz, tp td rasenye si kumar n Lee tu da melebeyh2 la, cian prof nabishah td

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