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Jul 27, 2009


salam alayk,

it's true, there is no limit to what you can imagine,
And with commitment, with effort,
what you can imagine you can become.
if i don't imagine anything,
if i don't have any ideas what will happens,
what will happen then?
i partly agree with the power of visualization,
but, sometime...
what we hope,
what we imagine,
what we want,
is not happens, and it become vice versa
even after commitment and effort,
not all what we dreams come true,
there must be reason hidden behind,
now, i am looking for the reason...
i am looking for the answer...
where i can find it?
give me strength,
i hope that i will find it someday,
with the helps from others,
with the help from the Almighty.


" it's okay to make a mistake, but the most important things, what u learn from the mistake, and never do a same mistake again" -someone

-thanks coz sudi baca-
- Bagi la komen sikit-
- terima kasih-


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