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Mar 23, 2010

Our Journal Pusblished~~

I got an email from my SSM supervisor and at the same time PPD mentor, Dr Rosnah in February regarding our research, 

words from dr:

good luck to all of you for your coming professional exam. I wish all of you will pass with flying colours. I attached a file of our manuscript. I hope this will motivate all of you further to perform well for your exam. this paper will be online within 2 days. You can search your paper by typing your name and search it.
Good luck my future doctors.
Dr Rosnah Sutan

I'm very happy knowing that our research will be publish in journal..
Thanks to all my SSM groupmates:
Rosnah Mohamad AMIN, Khatija Banu ARIFFIN,
Tang Zoun TENG, Mohd Faiz KAMAL, Rusli Zaim RUSLI
and most important person:
atas dorongan, tunjuk ajar, support...

 us during our 1st Perinatal workshop

me during presenting our proposal at department

Terima kasih sangat sangat atas kerjasama semua
Segala penat lelah, usaha kita semua dah membuahkan hasilnya...


And this is our journal that has been published ("-")*

-thanks coz sudi baca-
- Bagi la komen sikit-
- terima kasih-


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wah mantap...dah publish dah!!!!

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